School and Nursery photo sessions.

Jill Archer Photography provide traditional school photography sessions, but with a modern,
contemporary feel. We spend time with each child to ensure we get the perfect shots and parents are offered a range
of images (6-10 per child) from which they can purchase individual photos, exclusive packages and digital copyright.
Jill is also happy to take sibling groups, full family portraits and class photos.

The photo proof packs are ready to take away the same day and orders are collected a week later.
This format means that parents can buy as few or as many prints as they wish - no more pressure
to buy a school photo package that didn't really fit their needs or budget. So the kids enjoy having
their photos taken and and the parents go away happy with their purchases.
The hosts receive commission from all sales, plus we are happy to take staff photos and will provide
you with free copies of these for your noticeboard.
Also, if you have a class photo taken, you will receive one free copy of the image to display at school/nursery!

Looking for fundraising ideas?

We offer a variety of fundraising opportunities. Whatever you want to raise money for, we can help!

Family Photo Days

Family Photo Days are a fantastic opportunity for schools to raise money.
Sessions are run on Saturdays or Holidays and are open for the whole family to attend.
Bookings are free and last approx 20mins, after which parents can view their images.
Orders placed on the day will be eligible for special prices.

Schools will be provided with all the posters etc needed to advertise their sessions.
A commission will be paid after the event, based on the days sales.

If you would like to make more of your day then ask us about Kool-Kids.
Kool-Kids can attend your event with a stall of designer children's clothing, and
also offers commission for on the day sales.

Fashion Shows

Fancy something a bit different? Why not host a fashion show at school and let your little stars shine!
All clothing is provided by Kool-Kids who will also help you organise the show (clothes also available to buy on the night).

Jill Archer Photography will be there to take photos of your models before the show, which will be available to view/order afterwards!
Special prices for orders placed on the night, and hosts receive 10% commission.